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The second Chelsea Phillips gave birth, she had no plan her newborn was making a stir within the delivery space. You see, her son turned miracle baby Silas was born 3 months untimely via cesarean delivery at simply twenty six weeks, however his amnios didn’t rupture at birth; it’s a real medical rarity. Dr. William Binder, a neonatologist at Cedars Sinai center United Nations agency helped deliver Silas, quickly snapped a photograph of the baby in his sac. “… Silas was born in his water bag, with the placenta and epithelial duct still tucked within. within the wonderful exposure you’re on the brink of see, Silas remains in a very vertebrate position, along with his arms and his legs coiled. Until the bag was broken, Silas was still obtaining chemical element through the placenta. The doctors required to figure quick to urge the baby out of the sac and respiration. Today, doctors say baby Silas, currently 10-weeks-old, is doing well and will be headed direct a couple of month, right around his maturity date.

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