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Filipino doctor found a treatment to diabetes.

Diabetes is a life-threatening serious disease. It has become a common disease among young and old people without any age discrimination. if you have diabetes , you have to take medicines  until to death. As it develops,  may damage the kidney, nerve, and even Blindness.

Most of the people of Philippine are suffering from diabetes. Unfortunately, scientists were unable to find a successful cure for diabetes. 

However, Filipino medical expert  has been able to find an effective cure for diabetes. According to him , it will take only  5 minutes to prepare the treatment. The 82-year-old Filipino doctor also said that the main factor that affects the formation of diabetes is not only the sugar. The main 6 minerals are essential for the body. If your body does not have enough minerals, it may cause diabetes.  This simple recipe contains those minerals well and helps to beat diabetes. 

Needed materials

Chili pieces - 12
Raw eggs - 2 
Tablespoons of sea salt - 1/2

First, grind the chili pieces and mix with raw eggs.Then add the salt and drink. You can get amazing results using this drink.

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