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Rice is the main food in many countries. Do you know that in addition to eating rice has many amazing uses? If you heard about these amazing uses of rice, you will definitely surprise.

If you place a raw fruit in a bag of rice, it helps to ripen the fruit fast. Don't let it stay more than two days because it will ripen very quickly.

It is very hard to clean coffee pots, but if you add water, soap, and a few grains of rice into the pot and shake well all the dirty things will be removed.

The water can get into your phone at any time. Don't worry, you can get your phone back to the life by with help of rice. All you need to do is turn off the phone and remove the SIM card and the battery and store it in a bag of rice. Let it stay about 24 hours. In this period, all the moisture in the phone will be absorbed into the rice.


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