Best way to get pregnant


Everyone has a favourite position. Do you know that the position is doing a great role for getting pregnant?  

Due to competitive and busy lifestyle of modern times, many family use birth control methods to prevent getting pregnant. 

However, when they are trying to conceive a child, they had already late. According to the latest reports, one couple of four couples is facing conceiving problems. 

In order to increase the chance to conceive a child, you should avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption and eat a healthy diet.

However, position is more important than you think for getting pregnant.

The most successful position is men on top. In this position it is very easy to get pregnant because sperm enter to the right place. 

When comparing with this position, Other positions including women on top are not successful. 

If you are a couple who are expecting a child, we think that this will be the most important to you specialist advice.