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Most of the people think that the solar system is nothing but the lifeless planets . Many think , it is not possible to find anything until get closer to the next star. If you think the space is not an interesting place or abbanded place, watch this video.

The Space is full with mysteries things which we can't believe. Scientists who studied the space have found such mysterious things. What they found is truly amazing.

1. The planet formed from diamonds

Scientists have been studied 700 planets outside from our solar system. While Almost planets are lifeless and gaseous, the planet called (PSR1719-1438 B) is made up entirely of diamonds.

2. Water Pool

This water pool Located 12 billion light-years away in the Black Hole (H2O Gas). The amount of water in the Cloud , 140 trillion times more than all the Oceans water is in the earth.

3. Castor System

Due to orbiting six stars around a center mass , It is 54 times brighter than our sun

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