The Superhuman Evolved To Survive Car Accidents!


The super-man who can survive from any car crash.

We have a strong wish to do adventurous hings such as Hiking , ice skating, diving and car racing. However, our bodies are not designed to survive from serious injuries and car accidents. That's why so many persons die from car accidents. If your body evolved to survive from car accidents, you body would look like this. Look at this super human who has an amazing ability to survive from car accidents called Graham. This ugly-looking man's sculpture shows how vulnerable our bodies are

It is a part of the latest road safety campaign in Australia. If we ever evolved to save from car accidents our body would like this.

large head, flat face, thick skin, strong and powerful ribs and flexible knees save him from dangerous car accidents.

According to the project's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Joye , cars have evolved faster than us.

Our body is very fragile, therefore drive safe.