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This is a hundred years old hair growth stimulate recipe, you can use it to grow your hair fast. In this article you will know about it. There many evidences which proves it is effective.There is a village in china called Huangluo which is very famous for  longer hair women. 

This recipe has Significant potential to grow anf strengthen hair . Let's see how it prepares. 

1. Wash the rice with water to remove the dirty things. 

2. Then put the rice water into a separate bowl and let it stay 15 minutes. Don't forget to stir the mixture occasionally. 

3. Then filter the water. 

4. Let it at room temperature until it gets slightly acidic. 

4. After that boil the water and let it cool. 

5. Now you are ready to use this remedy. Massage your scalp using this mixture. 

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