What your ring finger length says about you


Ring finger's length reveals what kind of lover you are
First, make sure of the length of your ringer finger according to small finger. Now you can know what it says about you. 

1. Your communication skill is good. You know who to get most benefit of being along with your partner. You do not really think about how the expressing of feelings. Every day is a Valentine's Day. you are very good at making every day happy and you have strong confidence about yourself. 

2. You are excellent communicator. Expressing emotions is like eating a piece of cake to you. Apart form that you are Tend to be very friendly, kind, integrated with all around you. You kindness may get wrong so be careful. 

3. Even if you love someone, you don't express your feelings. You'll always want to do the other person responding to you. When he or she did not immediately respond to you,get disappointed quickly. 
You are not good at expressing feelings, therefore You tend to contact the person by other ways such as texting and chatting.