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China's Senjian province is very popular for coal mines. In recently, a team of miners has been able to find a person who is buried alive for about 17 years. About 17 years ago, this area was affected by a massive earthquake. The name of the person who found is Chewun Wai. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital for further medical care.

The wooden skeleton of the mine is destroyed due to the massive earthquake (magnitude 7.8). As a result of the earthquake, 118 of persons buried alive. In this article, you will know how he survived such a long time.

Fortunately, there was food storage in the mine such as rice and water. In addition to dry food, he had to eat mouse and bugs.

He took a tough decision to not to eat dead bodies. Even so, he had to eat dead bodies for surviving. However, he buried the rest of the dead bodies.


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