Amazing health benefits of Durian

Durian has become a popular fruit because of their own unique flavor and aroma. In additionally, durian has many health benefits. It is called the king of all the fruits. Why is it called the king of all the fruits? It is because of the amazing health benefits it provides for the human. You may be heard that the Durian is very healthy, but in this article, you can know what you never knew about Durian.

You can get 21% of daily carbohydrate need if you eat 100g of Durian per day. Therefore, It has a unique ability to refill your energy level.

Lowering the depression.

The studies have shown that the lesser serotonin level responsible for depression. However, when you eat Durian, it makes your serotonin level high and lowers the depression.

To improve the health of teeth and bones.

Durian is rich in calcium, potassium and B vitamins and those nutrients help to maintain the health of your bones and teeth.