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This woman refused to expose his identity, but her warning is very important for women all over the world. In this article, you will know what she wants to tell the world. This is a true  story happened in real life. 

My friend had a stomach cysts and it was removed by surgery. The cyst was filled with dark blood. She thought that the surgery was done, she will be completely cured but with the time her condition worsened again. She visited a gynecologist and he asked her a question which made she surprised . Do you regularly eat chicken? She said yes to that question.  How did the doctor know about her food habit?

Injecting steroid to chickens to accelerate the growth is no longer a secret. 

Steroid only injects to neck and wings ,  therefore it contains a high  concentrate of steroid which is very harmful to human body. 

Because of the strong growth potential of the chemical, it causes the most dangerous consequences including cysts growth in breasts and womb.

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