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Everybody who walks into a hair salon hopes a good hair style and the beautiful appearance. Therefore, they don't see the dangerous behind it. Did you know that the head can be damaged due to the beauty parlor stroke at a hair salon? You will never believe if I said that there is a probability die on the spot.

A mother of two went to a salon to get a hair style. She never thought that she would have to go to the hospital because of the serve head pain. She surprised by the words doctor said.

This unfortunate incident happened in 2010 and changed her life forever.

Doctors performed a CT Scan and found that one of the arteries in her neck, which carries blood to the brain has damaged. Due to the damage, she suffered a stroke.

You may be very curious to know what really happened to her. According to the experts, this is called the beauty parlor stroke.

Do you remember the sink that you placed your head? The arteries in your neck damage due to hypertension when you hold your neck to the sink's sharp edges.

Fortunately, the mother of two children, Elizabeth, recovered from this serious condition, and now she wants to warn others.


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