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Vitiligo is a skin disease which is very hard to cure. It is not possible to tell how far will it spread. Vitiligo has no boundaries so it can be affected any body part. There are many treatments for vitiligo, but they are not able to cure vitiligo completely. However, Cuban scientists have found a successful cure for vitiligo known as Melagenina. According to the reports, the drug is manufactured using human placentas. It has an amazing ability to simulate the melanosayiá¹­s productions. 

According to the studies carried out, the treatment is 86 percent success. This means it has been able to cure 86 percent of patients those who participated in the research. It is possible to use this treatment  any user without any  harmful reactions. 

Within the first day the , the Doctors will explain in detail about the new treatment. In next two days, doctors will educate patients how to use the drug correctly at home and do not want to go to the doctor again.

People who suffer from vitiligo will surely happy about this news. 

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