How to reduce painful and swollen knees

Do you often feel pain in your knees or have swollen knees? Injury, osteoporosis, and arthritis are the main causes of knee pain. Fortunately, there is a simple remedy which reduce the pain in just a few days.

It is known as salt and egg yolks therapy.

First, you have to blend egg yolks and salt. Then apply the prepared mixture on your knees and cover it with a polythene cover. Don't forget to change the mixture every two hours and if you need a good result repeat this treatment five times a day.

Did you know that the natural oil contained in egg yolk has an amazing ability to penetrate the skin and inject the mineral into the knee? Salt contains a special mineral called magnesium and thanks to the magnesium, you can get rid of the excessive fluid in the tissues. Therefore, it also reduces the swallowing of your knee.  Not only that, salt also has the unique ability to relax muscles.