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Child abuse is a serious social problem since the ancient times. Unfortunately, some countries have the highest rate of child abuse. Every person has a responsibility to take care of children kindly. If we take care of our children well they will become great citizens in the future. Unfortunately, some older people don't seem to realize it.

In this article, we will inform about the child abuse that occurred in Thailand. Police found the boy who was brutally tortured and tied to a wooden pole. Then he was admitted to the hospital for further treatments. The investigation had revealed that the boy was abused by someone. You will be shocked if you heard what was the reason to torture like this. The reason was stealing six candies worth 0.18 dollars.

Fortunately, his grandmother saw this shameful act and reported to the police department immediately.

She said that her daughter got angry due to the stealing and punished the boy brutally.

Many people around the world are shocked after publishing these photos on the Internet.


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