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First of all,  we should know what sprouted garlic is. Look at this picture, In one end you can see small roots and in another end contains green leaves. 

According to experts, Sprouted garlic is very healthy. 

Why sprouted garlic so healthy?

Despite the antioxidants, such as fresh garlic in Alin and Alicim, researchers say that it contains more antioxidants than normal garlic.

Great for food poisoning 

Food poisoning causes diarrhea and abdominal pain, but if you eat sprouted garlic you can reduce the symptoms of food poisoning effectively. 

Prevented from cancers

Thanks to the antioxidants of sprouted garlic, it destroys the free radical which causes cancers. 

According to the Specialists, growing plants produces the chemicals which can fight with insects, bacteria, and viruses. Even those chemicals are harmful to insects, it is very beneficial for human health. 

In addition, it can fight with cancer-causing free radicals. 

We believe that after reading this article, you will not throw away sprouted garlic.


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