4 Weirdest Stuff People Tried to Trade body For

The most valuable thing in women's life is chastity. Of course, if you are a woman, you may know about it well. Some women in the world, don't care of chastity, and it is just a simple word for them. After watching this video you will understand it. You will never believe what those women tried to trade body for.

Susan Fankalsteen was eagerly waiting to watch his boyfriend's basketball match. However, she failed to buy a ticket. Then she tried to trade her body for a ticket, but she was arrested.

She extremely addicted to the world of war craft online game. Her hope was to purchase the fastest flying machine, but it will need up to 5000 gold to buy it. Therefore, she decided to trade her body for anyone who likes to give 5000 gold.

In January 2012, a woman arrested who was tried to trade her body for chicken mac nugget in front of a MacDonald outlet.