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We all know that lemon is a very useful fruit which provides many health benefits. And it improves the taste of foods and beverages. Moreover, when you eat lemon, it protects the health of your heart. Lemon is also used in hair care treatments because of its amazing benefits. We can not forget the ability, eliminating bacteria and viruses.

In this article, you can know how to inform you how to eliminate the bad odor and the germs in the kitchen.

First, cut a lemon into four pieces but not separated. Then add a few salt and place it in the middle of the kitchen. Instead of removing the bad odor it also destroys bacteria and other harmful germs.

Did you know that you can prepare the world's most powerful anti-bacteria natural detergent using lemon? All you have to do is add lemon juices and a few of liquid soap into a bottle of water.


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