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If you are low in sperm motility means that it is difficult to be a father. Don't forget that the low sperm count and abnormal shape also responsible for infertility.

Keep in mind that your lifestyle affects your sperm's quality, count, and the motility. Therefore, you should eat healthy foods, control the stress level and stay away from the toxins which affect fertility.

Many men suffer from low sperm count. As a result of low sperm count, they are unable to make a child. In this article, we inform you how to improve the quality of the sperm and the count of the sperm.

Consume healthy fats.

Researchers found that the dietary deficiency and the oxidative stress responsible for infertility in men. When you consume unsaturated fats, sperm count goes high and the abnormal shape of sperm comes to the natural shape. If you want to be a father, you must avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol, and processed food consumption.

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