How to keep lime fresh longer

Many people used to store lime and lemon in the open containers. Keep in mind that it is not the appropriate method to store citric foods such as lime and lemon. When you store lime in the room temperature more than a week, it becomes hard and losing the nutrition value. However, there is a simple and the most successful method which you can keep lemon fresh longer.

With the help of this method, it is very easy to protect the taste and the nutrition of lemon and lime.All you have to do is to put lime or lemon in the freezer placed in sealed plastic bad. It helps to keep lime and lemon fresh longer. The most important factor is the sealed plastic bag. This type of sealed plastic bags is easily available in the market. Remember to store bought before five days.

In addition, never store potatoes, tomatoes and the onions in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, most of the people still practice these methods.