Perform this simple massage every night to get rid of belly fat

Most of the women and men suffer from the belly fat. If you have a big belly, it makes you less of self-confidence and causes serious health conditions.

Exercise is very effective in burning belly fat. Your stomach burns fat when you exercise to the abdominal area.

In this article, we introduce you a very effective massage that burns more fats.

Do this massage twice a day before the breakfast and before going to the sleep.

1. Lie down on the bed.
2. Rub your hand well until it creates a high temperature.
3. Now place your hands above the belly button.
4. Rub around the belly button and gradually increase the circle.
5. The temperature will rise when you rub the abdominal area. It means that burns more fats.
6. Perform this massage, two minutes and each round should not be longer than 1 or 2 seconds.