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Good news - Self-enjoyment offers you many health benefits.

Did you know that the almost 94 percent of men and approximately 85 percent of women does this? However, the public's opinion about the self-enjoyment is not positive. Many think that self-enjoyment is a dirty thing which is not accepted by the public.

There are many misconceptions about self-enjoyment. Those misconceptions are really hard to believe, but most of the people believe so.

The common misconceptions about the self-enjoyment are believing that it causes blindness, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and insanity.

However, the truth is that self-enjoyment does not cause any of those side effects.

Let's see how it affects women.

Self-enjoyment helps to prevent infections of the urinary tract and the cervical.

Self-enjoyment also decreases the risk of having diabetes and lowering the mental stress.

Let's see how it influences for men.

When you are doing self-enjoyment, it helps your prostate to flush out cancer-causing agents from the prostrate gland.


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