This is a dangerous trend

Identifying the risk of se.x.

Although we thought that se.x is a most disgusting thing, Studies have been confirmed that it is spreading rapidly around the world. What makes this risky sex.ual activity popular around the world? We live in a world which most people think that se.x is the most important thing in their lives. And many think new se.x positions make their relationship strong. That is why sex become popular worldwide. You may never believe what the docors say about this se.x position. Dr. Debian Harbanik says that it is a life-threatening activity.

Unlike the vagina rectum's tissue is not flexible. So It means that there is a possibility for damaging your mate's rectum and causes dangerous conditions like hemorrhoids.

Not just that, due to the se.x can weaken the rectum's tissues. So you can not hold poop much longer.

The anus is filled with harmful bacteria. Therefore, there is a high chance to have an infection.