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As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of hot water immediately. Drinking hot water on the empty stomach provides you many health benefits. 

Hot water can be described as an effective medicine for pain. You can also use hot water as a good treatment for cramping due to its muscle relaxing properties. If you want to relieve the menstrual pain, drink a cup of hot water because hot water relaxes abdomen muscles. 

Hot water increases the temperature of your body so it is very effective in burning calories. Did you know that hot water is very beneficial for kidneys? 

The toxins that are accumulated in your body make you age faster but hot water effectively removes harmful toxins from your body. That is how hot water slows down aging process. 

When we talk about hot water, we cannot forget its amazing ability to improve the digestion process. 

Apart from that, hot water improves circulation.


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