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Don't do these bad habits unless you have to experience breasts sagging very soon. If your breasts are sagging, these bad habits may be responsible. That is why you should immediately stop those habits.

Drinking coffee

It has been found that coffee affects women's breasts. They further stated that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, can reduce the size of breasts.

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C is doing a great role in producing collagen and elastic tissues. So do not forget to include vitamin c to your diet. 


Elastic tissue and collagen break when we smoke. It can be described as another good reason to stop smoking.


When you are trying to reduce weight by dieting, it loses fatty deposits and elastic tissues. That is why you should stay away from dieting.

Wearing the wrong bra

According to researchers, almost 80 percent of women do not know the correct size of the bra. So wrong size bra impacts breasts, and it makes your breasts saggy. Therefore, always select the right-sized bra.


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