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Toxins enter our body through the foods and the drinks we consume. Those toxins are very harmful to our body, that is why we should detox or body regularly.  

We will inform you about a great method that helps to remove all the toxins from our body.  If you do this method once per month, it will help you to stay healthy. 

Place this mixture in the middle of your foot, in the morning you will see that it has turned to black. It means that the detox pads have successfully removed the toxins. 

Required ingredients


You will also need a pair of socks and two pieces of sticky gauze pads.

First, peel onions and garlic and then cut them into small pieces. Next, add chopped onions and garlic when it begins to boil. After, let it boil another 10 minutes. 

Let it cool about 30 minutes. Now pour a few of mixture into the gauze pads. Don't forget to squeeze the extra water. 

In the end, place the prepared gauze pads on your soles of your feet. Let it stay overnight and remove in the morning.


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