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Specialists say that this is an excellent mixture which helps to get rid of insomnia. 

The sugar and salt mixture works as a Battery that provides energy for cells. It provides energy for cells directly. Apart from that, this mixture makes the sodium level balance in your body and boost the energy. 

This can be described as one of the best treatments that can be used to control the stress. It also reduces the secretion of stress hormones, which prevents you from sleeping. So thinking that you do not panic about the implications of the treatment. 

Salt and sugar mixture ratio should be 1 / 5. 

If you use brown sugar and high-quality salt, can get amazing results. 

Add a teaspoon of salt and five teaspoons of sugar and stir well. Store the prepared mixture in a jar for later use. 

Put a pinch of this mixture under your tongue before going to the sleep.


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