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It does not need to tell you how important the liver for our body. The liver is doing a very important role in cleaning blood, storing sugar and producing bile for the digestion process. 

That is why we need to keep our liver healthy. You should also pay attention for these features that indicate the liver in danger. In this article, we inform you about those important symptoms. 

The first symptom is that the changing of your skin. When the liver is not working properly, it is not filtering the toxins that enter into the body food via foods. Therefore, body turned to yellow.

You need to focus on the stool and the urine. If you saw any changes in the stool or urine, it may happen due to the liver failure. Dark and foamy urine, pale and watery stools can be the symptoms of a liver disease.

If your abdomen is suddenly bloated, it may be a symptom of liver diseases.


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