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Kidney organ can be described as one of the most important organs in the body. It works to remove waste from the blood. In addition, regulating blood pressure, balancing the electrolyte level and producing new red cells are the other functions of the kidney. 

Therefore, no need to explain you in deep how important the kidney for our body. If you care about the kidney, don't do these bad habits because they are very harmful. 

When not drinking enough water, build up toxins in the body and line up, due to the adverse impact on kidney function, and it negatively affects kidney's functions.

Even though our bodies need sodium or salt, consuming too much salt increases blood pressure, and it is harmful to the kidney. So your daily sodium intake should not be more than 5 mg.

If you are used to holding pee too longer, it makes your kidney stressed, and it also increases the risk of having kidney stones.


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